Key Terms

  • Minimum ideal ticket size is INR 0.1 million – we believe more the merrier – as it provides more agility in terms of participation at every move in the underlying stock as well helps in better risk management.

  • Guarantee return – we offer guarantee return options to investors based on the commitment of funds in terms of size as well as duration – typical range is 14-18% on annualised basis.

  • Indicative returns – we expect annualised return of over 50% (post tax and transaction cost) as a base case possibility. Returns would be shared between investor and advisor equally or in any other ratio as discussed at the time of capital infusion.

  • Margin of safety – we believe the biggest USP of investing with us is the Margin of safety of about 6-10% in any trade that we enter into, which secures investor from any overnight event based reactions. Movement is also restricted given the advisor focus on select 30 Nifty stocks only.

  • Flexibility in withdrawals – we offer flexibility for withdrawals of funds (full or part) or accumulated returns (part/full) with a 30-60 day notice period.

  • Regular Updates – we inform investor on all trades initiated/squared with detailed summary of likely yield, margin of safety, contract value, pricing to ensure complete transparency of returns earned.

  • Trading in existing account – we also give option of operating directly into clients’ existing account but in such a case cost related to taxes and transaction costs would be borne by client.

For any further details kindly contact on 932 444 6635; 9987 499 009